IFUs in the era of JWST: STScI workshop 26-28th Oct 2010

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Tuesday Oct 26, 2010
Matt Mountain (STScI) Welcome
Roger Davies (Oxford) The Coming of Age of IFUs: The Story So Far
Michael Dopita (ANU) First Results From the Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS)
Laurent Drissen (Université Laval) SpIOMM and SITELLE: Wide-field Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometers
Martin Roth (AIP Potsdam) The Thorny Road of Innovation: 10 Years of Science with PMAS at Calar Alto
Matt Bershady (Wisconsin-Madison) Grasping in the Dark: IFUs for Studying Galaxy Disks
Lutz Wisotzki (AIP Potsdam) Studying the Assembly of Galaxies with MUSE
Lisa Fogarty (Oxford) Science with the SWIFT IFU
Tracy Beck (STScI) Galactic Star Formation Science with Integral Field Spectroscopy
Matthias Tecza (Oxford) High Contrast Observations with Slicer Based Integral Field Spectrographs
Phil Appleton (Herschel Science Center, Caltech) Mapping the Far-IR Atomic and Molecular Coolants From the ISM in the Here and Now: The Herschel-PACS Spectrometer
Benjamin Weiner (Steward Observatory) IR Spectroscopy From Space: A HST/WFC3 Grism View of Starforming Galaxies
Bethan James (STScI) Investigating the Chemical Homogeneity of Low-Metallicity Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies Using Integral Field Spectroscopy
Ana Monreal-Ibero (IAA) A Detailed 2D Spectroscopic Study of the Central Region of NGC 5253
Wednesday Oct 27, 2010
João Steiner (São Paulo) Extracting Information From Data Cubes with PCA Tomography: Applications to Nearby AGN
James Turner (Gemini) Galaxy Evolution in 3D and the Pitfalls of Reducing Your GMOS IFU Data
Christer Sandin (AIP Potsdam) Integral-Field Spectroscopy Data Reduction Made Easy with p3d
James Larkin/Katrina Exter (UCLA/KULeuven) IFU Data Analysis Techniques for Particular Science Application - DISCUSSION
Thaisa Storchi-Bergmann (UFRGS, Brazil) Stellar-and Gas Kinematics Around Nearby AGN Mapped with IFU Observations
Santiago Arribas (CSIC) An Optical and Near=IR Integral Field Spectroscopic Survey of Luminous and Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies
Tucker Jones (Caltech) IFU Studies of Gravitationally Lensed z=2-3 Galaxies: A Preview of Science With Next Generation Facilities
Marie Lemonie-Busserolle (Gemini) 2D Kinematics and Physical Properties of Distant Galaxies
Shelley Wright (Berkeley) Resolved Metallicity Gradients and the Role of AGN in High-Redshift Star Forming Galaxies
Andy Green for (Karl Glazebrook) (Swinburne) Turbulence and Kinematics of High Star Formation Rate Galaxies
Andy Green (Swinburne) Bridging the IFU Redshift Desert: The Kinematics of Star Formation Across Cosmic Time
Natascha Förster Schreiber (MPE) STScI Colloquium: The Growth of Galaxies at z~2: Insights From IFU Surveys
Thursday Oct 28, 2010
Rob Sharp (ANU) High Spatial Resolution via Low Redshift
Guillermo Blanc (Texas) Studying Star Formation with Integral Field Spectroscopy Across Cosmic Time: From Nearby Spiral Galaxies to High Redshift Lyman Alpha Emitters
Emily Freeland (Texas A&M) Deployable IFU Observations of Galaxies in a Merging System of Groups at z~0.35 with VLT FLAMES/GIRAFFE
Lise Christensen (Excellence Cluster, TUM) The Sites of Gamma-Ray Bursts and Supernovae in Their Host Galaxies
James Larkin (UCLA) Future Perspectives for IFU Science in the Era of JWST
Peter McGregor (ANU) GMTIFS - An AO-Corrected Integral-Field Spectrograph and Imager for the Giant Magellan Telescope
Fraser Clarke (Oxford) HARMONI – A Potential First Light IFS for the E-ELT
Luis Colina (CSIC) Prospects of Integral Field Spectroscopic Studies of Active and Luminous Star-Forming Galaxies with JWST
Torsten Böker (ESA) IFUs on JWST
Anne Ealet (CPPM/CNRS) IFU Performances For Distant Supernovae For Cosmology in Space
Scott Croom (Sydney) Massively Multiplexed IFU Surveys With Hexabundles and FIREBALL
Jay Gallagher (Wisconsin-Madison) Closing Remarks
Katrina Exter (KULeuven) PACS: The First IFS in Space
Travis Fischer (Georgia State University) High Resolution HST Spectroscopy of AGN Outflows in Mrk 573 and Plans for Gemini NIFS Observations
Andy Green (Swinburne) Turbulent Star Formation
Ryan Houghton (Oxford) The SWIFT Data Reduction Package: Reducing IFU Data in IRAF With a Single Interpolation
Oskar Karczewski (UCL) Modelling Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies with MOCASSIN
Susan Kassin (Oxford) SWIFT and Multi-Wavelength Observations of the Eagle Galaxy at z=0.8
Carolina Kehrig (AIP Potsdam) The Interplay Between Ionized Gas and Massive Stars in the HII Galaxy IIZw70 Using Integral Field Spectroscopy
Carolina Kehrig (AIP Potsdam) The Star-Forming Dwarf Galaxy Population in the Local Universe and Beyond: The First 3D Spectroscopic Study of a Large Sample of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies
Ana Monreal-Ibero (IAA) A IFS Study of the Giant HII Region NGC588
Jane Morrison (Steward Observatory) Image Reconstruction of the JWST-MIRI IFU Spectrometer Data
Jeffrey Rich (IfA, Hawaii) WiFeS GOALS: Metallicity, Shocks, and More in Nearby U/LIRGS
Javier Rodriguez (CSIC/STScI) PMAS Optical Integral Field Spectroscopy of Luminous Infrared Galaxies
Mark Westmoquette (UCL) IFU Studies of Starburst Feedback
Tiantian Yuan (IfA, Hawaii) Push the Envelope of Metallicity Gradient Measurement to High Redshift
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