To Do

A list of basic information that is still needed - please add to this page if you think of something

  • Instruments that need short "personal" descriptions on the Instruments page:
      • OASIS, Sauron, OSIRIS; GriF, Giraffe-IFU, FISICA, PIFS, FaNTOmM, WORIspec, GHaFaS, VIRUS, METIS (future), EAGLE (future)
  • Instruments that have no Extras/Instrument Specific pages (listed at the bottom of Data Reduction page):
      • Sauron/Oasis need more
  • Data Reduction
      • A description of how to reduce data from image-slicers is needed — what steps differ from the reduction of fibre/lenslet data?
      • The Fabry-Perot data reduction section is also too short — additions there are welcome.
      • DR scripts or hints you have to offer — please contribute them. We do understand a reluctance to offer a script you've written only for yourself and which no-one else will understand — we have many of these ourselves! — but please do try. As we say on the home page, all offerings are without guarantee; they are also anonymous, unless you put your name in the scripts. The wiki maintainers will try to test all general-use scripts and unless otherwise directed can inform the author of any bugs.
          • Particularly wanted: scripts for combining data-cubes.
  • Data Analysis
      • Information on PSF-based point source extraction, and separation of extracted spectra from blended sources (point or extended), e.g. an AGN from the host galaxy.
      • Information on "exotic" sources: lenses; planets; comets.
      • Any "tips and tricks", "techniques that could be tried out", "how to analyse this particular type of data", "how to analyse for this particular type of astronomy".
      • Any scripts/tools/code snippets
          • Particularly wanted: scripts for making spectral maps, for measuring spectra (line, continuum)
  • More science/technique references/papers on this page
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