(This is not Father Christmas, it is a guru.)

Guru with particular instruments

  • Katrina Exter: INTEGRAL, VIMOS, PACS (Herschel)
  • Mark Westmoquette: GMOS, SparsePak and DensePak

Guru on data reduction manipulation techniques

  • Katrina Exter: iraf data reduction; mapping (from Gaussian spectral line fit to 2D images)
  • Mark Westmoquette: IDL visualisation/mapping

Guru in particular fields of astronomy

  • Katrina Exter: stellar nebulae, ISM
  • Mark Westmoquette: stellar wind/gas interactions, starburst-driven outflows/winds

Contact details

  • Katrina Exter: katrinaexter AT gmail DOT com
  • Mark Westmoquette: msw AT star DOT ucl DOT ac DOT uk
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