GIPSY, the Groningen Image Processing System, is an interactive software system for the reduction and display of astronomical data maintained by the Kapteyn Institute at Groningen, Netherlands. Already it is a powerful package for the analysis, modelling and visualization of multi-dimensional data.

An upgrade to the GIPSY software is currently underway to produce a friendly, VO-compliant package for high-level analysis of datacubes, with applicability to different multidimensional datasets and wavelengths. This is being undertaken by a collaboration between the AMIGA (Analysis of the interstellar Medium of Isolated GAlaxies) group at IAA and the Kapteyn Institute. For more details of the upgrade and aims of the project see here.

The project with the poster and proceedings were published in the XVIII ADASS conference:

In order to make the upgrade effort more useful, the AMIGA group have surveyed the 3D community. The results of their surveys will be published here (expected May 2010):

For more information, contact Lourdes Verdes-Montenegro <lourdes AT> or José Enrique Ruiz <jer AT> (technical development)

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